Uploading Images To Your Gypsy

Wrangle Your Rubber!
Unmount Your Stamps and Save Space!

Remove Blemishes And Under-Eye Circles From Your Photos

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Slide-Out Popcorn Card, Part 1

Slide-Out Popcorn Card, Part 2

Slide-Out Popcorn Card, Part 3

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My Photoshop tutorials are shown in Photoshop Elements 8, but earlier versions of PE have most of the same features, though sometimes in different locations and sometimes called something slightly different.  If you use PE 4 or PE 6 and can't find a particular feature, email me and I will see if I can find it for you.

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What makes me qualified to teach you about Photoshop Elements?

I am not a professional photographer or graphic artist, and I am by no means a Photoshop expert. What I am is a crafter who likes all forms of art and creating. I'm also unstoppable when I decide I want to learn something new. Basically, I'm still in the learning process myself.

Two of the many responsibilities in my current job are producing a monthly 24-page newsletter and managing a web site with over 100 pages. Needless to say, a lot of photos come across my desk, and many of them need"fixing," so I have had to learn to do it myself. Through work, I'm lucky to have access to tutorials from designers affiliated with Microsoft through a paid subscription to their "members only" site. Now, you will benefit from that. As a former teacher, I love to share what I've learned!

I've used several programs over the years, but I find that Photoshop Elements is the best, and it seems to be the "industry standard" that the most people use. The problem is, PE has a pretty steep learning curve, and many people never even come close to getting the most out of the software. For me, that made me all the more determined to figure it out!

As a teacher, I think one of my strengths was in being able to put myself in the students' heads and knowing how to explain things so they could understand them. As a relatively new Photoshop Elements user myself, I know what frustrated or confused me when I was learning a new technique. I often found tutorials on YouTube or other sites that were useless to me because they assumed that the viewer already had a good working knowledge of most of the PE functions, which I didn't. I wanted to know, step by step, how to do certain techniques, and I wanted to be able to do it NOW! I think that not being an expert in Photoshop will make me better at teaching it to new users.

I encourage you to pause my videos and follow along step by step as I show you the techniques. Through doing the "wow" techniques, you'll gradually learn the basics, too. My tutorial series will show you tricks and techniques that can be used in scrapbooking, card making, general crafting, blogging and of course, just fixing problems in your photos. We'll learn everything from fixing a person's wrinkles and blemishes and making yourself look 5 pounds thinner (how awesome is that?!?!), to turning your photos into tags, word art, and other embellishments to use in your crafts and scrapbooks.

Stay tuned, and subscribe to my blog on the main page so you don't miss a single lesson! I'll post there when I upload a new tutorial, so you only need to follow me in one place. Just scroll all the way to the bottom of this page and click on the button to take you back there if you've lost your way. See you in "the classroom!"